The WAVE 100 Women is a community of women who want to do something to challenge religious extremism and advocate women's rights in their communities their own way.   

How you can participate

  • Fill the form below.
  • Set up a WhatsApp group and invite 100 women you know (you can start small and grow to 100!).
  • Name the WhatsApp Group "WAVE 100 Women/Your Town", eg; "WAVE 100 Women/Ikeja".
  • Add us to the WhatsApp group on 09065079425.
  • Keep the group active everyday with posts about your selected theme.
  • Plan and carry out an activity that challenges religious extremism with members of your group.

Why you should join

  • You will contribute to a global campaign to challenge religious extremism.
  • You will receive online training in digital campaigning.
  • You will be part of a strong community of women that care about and support one another.
  • You will help change the world!
  • The Top WAVE Women whose groups carry out the most creative and effective activities to challenge extremism will receive awards and have their profiles featured on our website and social media platforms.    
  • Every WAVE 100 Woman will receive a WAVE certificate of membership.


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*All information provided here is solely for the purpose of record-keeping.  We encourage women of all religions, ages, and locations to join the WAVE 100 Women; it's for everyone!