WAVE Presentation - P2P Finals, Washington DC.

Our team made it to the international finals of the Facebook Peer to Peer Global Digital Challenge in Washington DC on the 19th of July, 2017, and came 2nd place with this presentation. 


Media Appearance - Channels TV

Watch our appearance on the Channels Beam program on Channels TV Nigeria, spreading the word about the campaign.


WAVE Video 3 - A Girl Like Me

Every news report of a female suicide bomber is a story of another girl who should have had a chance at a normal life and an education. Find out who the female suicide bombers are and what you can do. Watch and share.
#AGirlLikeMe #SchoolGirlsNotSuicideBombers #UNSCR1325 #WAVE100 #IAmABeliever2 #P2PChallenge


WAVE Video 2 - Boko Haram's Female Suicide Bombers

For too long, our daughters and sisters have suffered and the world has been quiet. We have been quiet.  And we will be quiet no more.  Join us at WAVE 100 Women and DoSomething.

#SchoolGirlsNotSuicideBombers #IAmABeliever2 #WAVE100Women #P2PChallenge


WAVE Video 1 - #IAmABeliever2

She is a Believer too. A woman can be more than a victim; She is a survivor, A voice for peace, The voice of love, The strength to believe. Join us as we urge women everywhere to stand up against extremism. We are all Believers. So join the #IAmABeliever2 movement and tell us what makes you a Believer too. 
What do you believe in? 
#IAmABeliever2 #WAVE #SchoolgirlsNotSuicideBombers #P2PChallenge