I am a Believer and I honor my religious beliefs.  There are many things that make me who I am.  My religion is one of them but it’s not the only thing.  I am a human being, a friend, a brother, a daughter, a son, a student, a carpenter.  I am made up of my beliefs and my other identities so I value and respect them all equally. 

To Be A Believer

To be a Believer means to know and value my own beliefs and the beliefs of others, to honor and respect other Believers.  It means to value difference and not fear it.  To seek knowledge about other beliefs and make room for my beliefs to exist with my other identities.  To speak up for other Believers, no matter what they believe, when their beliefs are disrespected.

I Will Respect and Honor Other Believers

Everyone has a reason for believing what they believe.  Some were born into it and some found it on their own.  No matter what, I will honor and respect other beliefs the way I want others to honor and respect my own beliefs.  What others believe does not affect or threaten what I believe, my beliefs still exist whether they believe it or not. I will honor and respect every belief and every Believer, even if they do not believe what I believe.


The Other is a Believer too

-         My beliefs are also valid; I’m not an unbeliever, I am a believer too.

-         I acknowledge and respect your beliefs, however different they are from mine.

-         I am one with you, our different faiths do not divide us.

-         I will not be a victim or a tool for violence, I am a believer and so are you.